Arriro Sailing Yacht

Boat trips in Tenerife – Arriro Private Charters

Arriro Sailing Yacht is available for private charters and, if you want to make a nice surprise to your family or spend nice time with friends, you can charter the boat for at least 3 hours or more. In 3 hours private boat trip you decide where you go and what you do, – , if you charter for some 8 hours…

 Boat Trips & Private Charters tested by Tenerife Host

The boat was tested by us and we can approve – really worthy thing to do, if you want to avoid crowded commercial boats.

 Why Private Charter for a Boat Trip in Tenerife

The difference between commercial boats and chartered Arriro Sailing Yacht is that on a commercial catamaran you will feel a bit as a fish in a barrel among others 80 to 170 people. That’s nice for try, but far from advantages which a private charter give you. The Arriro Sailing Yacht can take up to 11 passengers on board and, if you are chartering the yacht for your private boat trip in Tenerife, so it is you the one who decide how many people and whom you will take with you. You can go even alone and the captain will direct the boat where you want to. The same way you can do just with your family or friends, no matter and no limits – the only limit is the time you chartered the boat for.

 Sailing to other Islands from Tenerife – Boat Trips & Private Charters

For example, if you plan to sail to other islands, the closest one is La Gomera and you will have to charter the boat for 8 hour at least for a boat trip to La Gomera and back to Tenerife. There are also 2 other interesting far islands – La Palma and El Hierro.

If you charter Arriro to sail to La Palma or El Hierro island you will need a 2 days charter at least. The captain of the boat speaks 6 languages, including English.

 VIP Level Service

And finally, there is real relax and adventure at the same time – just charter Arriro Sailing Yacht for your private exclusive boat trip to the Ocean. This is one of the best sailing yachts in Tenerife, relatively inexpensive and with friendly easy going manner of working with VIP Customers.