No matter you came to Tenerife with your own yacht or just chartered it here for a few hours, there are 3 best places to anchor the boat in Tenerife for relaxing on board, snorkelling and swimming. Also these places are one of the best places for diving.

Since the island’s quite rocky and here are not so many lagoons waters along the coast of Tenerife become extremely deep almost right by the shore, but there are still nice lagoons and places to anchor your yacht.


El Puertito Lagoon - Tenerife

The beach of El Puertito is located aside of crowded resorts of the Southern Tenerife nearby Armeñime village between bigger resorts as Playa de San juan and Costa Adeje. This lagoon is famous of it’s rich sea life and especially sea turtles. Just 2 years ago there were living family of giant green turtles and the lagoon was very popular destination for snorkelling tours in Tenerife, mainly because the sea turtles. Unfortunately, 2 years ago crazy Russian tourists killed 2 biggest turtles and third one was seriously injured and that was the end of snorkelling many local business, organizing snorkelling tours in El Puertito. Well, it still a beautiful lagoon with rich sea life and one of the best places to anchor your boat here. The waters of El Puertito are clearly crystal and the sea bottom is white what’s make it perfect for snorkelling.  Municipality of Adeje trying to keep El Puertito as a micro reserve of natural sea life developing a project of conservation, investigation and environmental education recovering the lagoon sea bottom which was also seriously injured by invasion of Black Sea Urchin.



Masca Bay – Tenerife

Counted as the totally wild beach the Masca Bay is located on the middle of Los Gigantes cliffs at the end of the Masca Canyon and there are only 2 ways to get to the beach. One way is to take longer boat trip or a private charter – here we can highly recommend the Big Smile Luxury yacht with its 6 hours long shared charter. The other way is to join a Masca Canyon Trekking Tour with Boat Trip – in this case you will get by extremely curvy road to the Masca village and the walk down along the Masca Canyon approx. 4 hours to swim on the beach and take a boat trip to see whales and/or dolphins. Masca beach is characteristic with its black volcanic sand and it’s perfect idea to refresh in the clear waters of Masca bay after hours of descending through the beautiful canyon. Once you get from the canyon to the sea level, please, turn left and walk a bit to find the Masca beach with beautiful black sand – the other parts of the coast along the Masca Bay are covered with stowns. The black san is known for a lot of healthy benefits. By the Masca beach here’s also a small pier where just one boat can dock for a while to pick-up people from the beach or in contrary – let them go to the beach. Anchoring boat by the Masca Bay it’s a beautiful experience also because the scenery of the Los Gigantes cliffs surrounding Masca Bay – the highest cliffs in Atlantic Ocean – it’s definitely worthy to see.



Cliffs by Palm Mar - Tenerife
Cliffs by Palm Mar – Tenerife

Another beautiful location to anchor your boat is to stop right in front of the Playa de la Arenita in small cozy Palm Mar town – located after the cliffs and Los Cristianos. There’s no sand beach, but the scenery is extremely wanderful, waters are blue and veiews incredible. Moreover, there are fish farms settled in the open ocean some 300-500 meters from the shore and, because the fish farms, so there are high chances to see a lot of fish, dolphins and sea turtles looking for easy to get food. The area around Palm Mar it’s also one of the best destinations for the diving tours in Tenerife.


We are happy to inform our Customers the fact that form now short 2 hours long private charter of Bonadea II Catamaran is available from now. Bonadea II Catamaran able to accommodate up to 22 people is a perfect option for families, group of families or friend now just to go to see whales and whales and have a fun swimming or snorkelling in the open ocean – it’s also a perfect solution and the way how to celebrate your special occasions. If you or your friend have a Birthday or plan a party hard to find better option or better gift – just book our 2 hours long private charter and order extra catering or drinks. Basic catering is already included into the price. You are welcome with your bookings.

Sometimes people ask us this question which sounds exactly like that – what boat is the best to charter in Tenerife.

The basic thing we have to count is the number of people in your group. For example, if you are couple or a family – a sailing yacht will be the best choice and you can decide it should be cheaper usual sailing yacht or you expect a kind of luxury. You also have to decide for how long you’d like to have your private charter. Generally in Tenerife the minimal time for a private charter is 3 hours. In 3 hours private boat charter you can see whales and probably dolphins (less chances) and do a swimming or snorkelling stop. And then, if you’d like to see the highest cliffs in Atlantic Ocean – you have to sail to the west of the island and it will require at least 6 hours charter.

In the case of bigger number of people, let’s say, if there are more than 10 people in your group you ought to charter bigger boat – a catamaran or ship. On our website Private Charters in Tenerife section you can choose a proper boat which suit the size of your group. If you need to consult details o need something special,you are always welcome to contact us.

Our Customers often asking us what’s the most recommended boat trip in Tenerife and well, we have made the Recommended Boat Trips & Private Charters section especially to highlight the trips and boats we can suggest and recommend without doubt. Surely, the best of best is to book a completely private charter, but not everyone can afford the cost.


It’s absolutely normal thing a private charter cost much more, because it isn’t regular and the cost’s not shared among the other trip participants. But that doesn’t means there are no nice and perfect regular boat trips. You can always check out our Recommended Boat Trips & Private Charters section and choose the trip you’d like to do.


We totally redesigned our website dedicated to the boat trips and private charters in Tenerife. Our work is not just how’s it looking, but also what’s it containing. Every trip, booked with Tenerife Host is a warranty of your happy day you’ve spent on the island.